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“And the most remarkable thing about Win-Win Corporate Citizenship; All Copy Products enjoys the same level of financial benefit as our partner Inner City Health Center, not to mention all the other benefits inherent with being a better corporate citizen.”

Brad Knepper, CEO All Copy Products

Your company is already a good Corporate Citizen that provides jobs, delivers a needed product or service to the marketplace and pays taxes.  Nevertheless like many businesses you may be dealing with some of these challenges

  • Costly employee turnover (particularly with Millennials) due to insufficient “employee engagement”
  • Increased cost (in salaries and benefits) to attract and retain top talent
  • Loss of market share to competitors who are now perceived to be more “socially responsible”
  • Lost opportunity to expand into new markets that want to do business with companies demonstrating a willingness to help address societal and environmental challenges
  • Weak client loyalty

Win-Win Corporate Citizenship can help you address these challenges using a “business based” approach to Corporate Citizenship. 

Win-Win Corporate Citizenship enables mid-market companies to transform into the kind of Corporate Citizen they want to be by addressing three significant challenges:

  • Cost
  • Availability of Resources
  • Lack of Corporate Citizenship Plan

With Win-Win Corporate Citizenship you can become the Corporate Citizen you want to be AND improve your profitability.

And it’s not just a matter of falling behind your competitors; you may be missing out on other business benefits.

 Harvard Business School (HBS) has carried out a significant amount of research on the effect CSR has on business.   In this paper “Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance” (published by two HBS researchers and another with the London School of Economics) they concluded; “Using a large cross-section of firms, we find that firms with better CSR performance face significantly lower capital constraints.”

Simply put; CSR is great for business.

Is it time for your company to transform?

Here are some questions to ask that can help you assess if the timing is right:

  • Have you wondered why most Fortune 5000 have well articulated and comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategies?
  • Are you becoming increasingly aware that your employees and customers expect your company to be engaged in the community?
  • Have your competitors poached some of your best employees because they are perceived to be better Corporate Citizens?
  • Is it possible your company is losing business due to a growing segment of your target market preferring to buy products and services from businesses they know to be “socially responsible”?
  • How important is it that the legacy of your company extends beyond the financial accomplishments?


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