1.  ASSESS company’s interest/need to:

  • Reduce supply chain costs and increase cash flow

> Obtain “Opinion” from Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) to identify opportunity to free-up “Discretionary Dollars”

  • Implement a business-based approach to Corporate

> Complete self-assessment survey

2.  APPROVE Letter of Understanding

  • Confirms an intent to invest a portion of “Discretionary Dollars” into a Corporate Citizenship Plan

3.  GENERATE “Discretionary $$”

  • Implement ERA projects to fund Corporate Citizenship Plan

4.  FORM Corporate Citizenship committee

  • Select committee members
  • Engage Corporate Citizenship coach if committee decides one is needed
  • Create a Corporate Citizenship mission

5.  DEVELOP business-based Corporate Citizenship Plan to establish

  • Community/societal impact objectives, such as:

> Financial contributions to select nonprofit partners, Volunteering, Clean environment

  • Business objectives, such as:

> Growth and profitability, Brand, Employee engagement

  • Metrics for measuring progress towards objectives, such as:

> Customer acquisition & retention, Employee retention/turnover, Hiring wins/losses

6.  IDENTIFY Nonprofit Partners

  • With organization and mission that is in alignment with Corporate Citizenship Plan

7.  ESTABLISH Win-Win Partnerships

  • Identify nonprofit organizations that are best aligned with Corporate Citizenship Plan
  • Setup Community Impact Plan(s)