• Business Plays Such a Key Role in Building a Healthy And Vibrant Community

“Most corporate sponsorships raise between $1,000 – $5,000, so when the Win-Win Corporate Citizenship program generated approximately $20,000 for our organization in 2016 through a single partnership … we were VERY happy.  In 2017 the program is projected to generate over $50,000. 

Kraig Burleson, CEO Inner City Health Center

ProfitID’s Win-Win Corporate Citizenship Program enables mid-market companies to increase their level of community engagement in a manner that supports their business objectives yet does NOT cut into hard earned profits. Now that’s a Win-Win for business and the community!


Increased Cash Flow

    • Discretionary Dollars are generated through increasing revenues and profitability with the help of ProfitID’s  Alliance Partners
    • The term Discretionary Dollars refers to new dollars generated which have not yet been allocated within a budget and can be considered a “windfall”
    • A company can direct a portion of their new found dollars towards corporate citizenship activities with the remainder going to the bottom line

Employee Engagement

    • Employees want to work for companies interested in supporting their communities
    • Businesses that are able to “engage” their employees experience less turnover
    • Employees that work for companies that are “purpose driven” tend to be more productive

Customer Loyalty

    • A growing number of individuals as well as organizations prefer to do business with companies that want to help solve societal challenges
    • Corporate citizenship enhances your brand
    • It’s less expensive to keep a customer than win a new one


Corporate Citizen Invests “Discretionary Dollars” Into Community

    • A portion of the Discretionary Dollars are invested into the community
    • The Community Impact Plan facilitates “partnering” between businesses and nonprofit organizations in a way that makes the most positive and enduring impact within the community
    • Creates additional source of funding for nonprofit organizations
    • Improves access to volunteers
    • Joint PR initiatives can increase exposure for important causes

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